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I am good at energy work by my own inspiration,Supernatural ability.I will use only my inspiration, This service offers YOU good advice on all the problems that you have in your life, if you can’t overcome your problem or something obstacle, i will show you how to think and how to solve that.

This service is ; for women only.

I also send you energy healing power.

First of all,Please send me question from contact page.

please describe which day and time you want, what kind of problem you want to talk about and counsel,Secondly,you will receive my email and if you agree of all,you can buy this service, i will send my ID ; Skype.

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I thought it the same whether I do decades the fear that can not be wiped off. And you are sent a healing, I was really impressed by the fine vibration and hot heat good energy and echoing throughout the body. (Female)First of all, it is just a sudden change has to occur your report from work, we feel that coming out is something of a change in the future. (Female)The early hours of the drowsiness of night for the next day it was amazing.The next day drowsiness is …. (Female)While it I read the experience of impressions was around 3:00 in the morning, the moment you read, there was a feeling that I woke up and crispy. (Female)Painful was back was completely subsided from the day before yesterday! (Female)Everyone I impressions of became sleepy there were many, but I that day was a strange experience will not sleep at all with dull eyes to reverse. We daily had been followed by painful anxiety, but improved enough to be surprised after receiving the energy work of Yura-sama has been very helpful. (Female)As is also saying the other person, I also come strong sleepiness not extraordinary, it would be what? ? Although I thought, it was that after with us to healing is just Yurika like. After that was dormant for a few days (^^;. There is a sense to say that somehow terrible and cleaned !! (woman)It is a surprise after receiving your contact who had gotten later sent the energy when I feel that is coming somehow strange and energy. (Female)Suddenly at night, it becomes Shindoku much does not move the bodyFoot was also I have slept heavy. It is awake and What was the message from Yura-sama If you look here had arrived. (Female)In response to those healing with other Contact force I also situation did not turn around, but since I am the energy work to Yura like it is little by little but the situation there while upturn. (Female) → (excuse me because I think that chemistry also)Objectively I’ve noticed once again to their own problems through the dream.And, that he had gotten to send energy to the time you are sleeping I learned later look mail. (Female)Stiff neck or is eliminated, every corner energy of the body, and it was Ali very Kokochiyoka~tsu sense to penetrate until the cells. (Female)And I saw a strange dream last time, I saw immediately iconic dream on the first day. Now I look forward to nightly dreams (and woman)I think immediately after we asked and began to move a lot of things. Enough to know about the change in me. (Female)The center of the body is now very hot when it is let me receive the energy. Since it was not until now that it was so hot, I was surprised. (Female)Although I asked the energy of the work, the last time, there was that this time both good! (Female)Eventually ask the person the company has been unable to get through, there is more of the trailing edge, it is honest surprised. (Female)After receiving the Yura’s energy work, their own adjustments, it is cleaned really, there is no anxiety, it had become the best of condition. And he both had been strained in the wake of a trivial quarrel, we were able to return to the level that you can communicate as indeed naturally before. Amazing is the word of the (woman)After receiving a workpiece, to be had without possible by want to do several years,Synchro in continuous, it was decided to unexpectedly achieved. (Female)Feeling like a light current from the top of the head at the same time as the completion report was to eyes ran through the stretch body. (Female)Here it was not noted in consultation content,a situation in which sleep is not almost caughtI really I surprised to be taken to indicate your pointed out. (Male)This time to know why tears come out as soon as you have finished reading the message that we have received, I felt that the effect was more power UP. (Female)Trouble until yesterday could enough to put the contact to immediately teacher past wonder now was the one of the such circumstances lie. (Female)It is desire there is a last effect I was realized. (Female)It is difficult to to express in words but, I feel that we receive a great power. (Female)When you have received, between the eyebrows felt a strong energy of a little painful position. I was the wish of love, but to have experienced the next day already glad synchro, I think him and also he energy is certainly arrived. (Female)Third time was ask. This time, when you declare, there was a feeling that the light is looming. (Female)Work is nice, you can see a variety of dream, it has decided a strange experience. (Female)I also inspired little, you know immediately in contact with the various Kantei-shi’s because there is … this person is the real thing.It will tell me the words that my deep psychological part also will tell me he is pleased with him, even though I thought that it try to reply to e-mail that it is useless in a fight, he was willing unexpectedly to the words . (Female)Energy and the work did not sleep always After I am the will, it was a surprise Na but have imperceptibly asleep. (Female)The moment was awakened attacked by a steep amazing sleepiness is a refreshing mood. (Male)We were able to organize feelings to that was suffering much. Until now, obsession and spicy that could not be erased even if what you have cried a lot overflowing at once. The other, to be bound by there now seems to be going Susumo before it quit. (Female)In matter related to the business, we have the “instruction to the universe.” In backing, we were able to finish the ◯◯ in appeared to challenge overseas really smoothly.With that work to realize a wish by moving the universe, we felt that it is a powerful and highly effective service without the other. (Male)Except that there was a strong sleepiness is a excellent condition feeling. From then … program, which has been seen by chance, entered the information of what you seem to want to do future (woman)Treatment before and after, is a strange feeling like something inherent fell rather than because of the gas. There is a strange assurance that they go towards more and more good. (Female)Vibration was thought whether occur earthquake from just body Once started reading the declaration of healing (laughs) (woman)It got better suddenly situation, I was surprised that the movement came out! I expect is likely to occur that the future may be. (Female)—-Voice customers wrote2015/06/28 19:20①Although I was the first time to buy, there was immediately effect the next day! (Female)②Email was made to meet with two people come from one month contact with did not crush opponent.Because you did not feel the experience but I was anxious, … rainy day deployment (woman)③Energy work has been further upgraded, it has decided to realizeFrom the relationship with him is subjected to energyAnd to have been jerky, I was happily return (and woman)④Sincerely come to a malfunction of the body somehow poor physical condition, emptiness, such as the love is gaping hole in the mind than what was this time ask here of work badly. There was also felt that was Glatt when our send energy. That I have regained a healthy little by little pretty mind becomes calm from the next day! (Female)⑤And I do, such as healing in myself, that’s why it can be seen Yurika’s greatness. This person is the real thing. (It is excessive evaluation excuse me) (woman)⑥Originally, because it is easy to feel constitution, I received a feeling that change is also up to the back of the cell. (Female)⑦Before the contact that had you sent the energy, negative emotions are felt he effect that had you sent it is had to feel that came out stagnation as a few hours. (Female)⑧There was a lot of events, it came true half! (Male)⑨Certainly there is a delicate place, it is easy tired. After the energy work I felt that was able to take tired. It is a neat feeling, such as after the holidays. Also I think that it is Try improvements. Thank you. (Male)⑩1 month or more, severe pain of unknown cause that could not get to drink the medicine, was healed! (Female)


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